Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Elder Rock is getting transferred to outer darkness! Haha, just kidding! But he is getting transferred to the most French area in the mission. Its called the City Alma. It is the northern area of our mission, and its boundaries lead all the way up to the north pole. He's super excited to speak and learn French finally! And he was astonished to know that his companion was someone he said: "I would hate being that guys companion" ... I guess The Lord has a sense of Humor, right?

  Speaking of sense of humor... I am receiving Elder Hardy from Washington State. He is one transfer younger than me. And I have to be completely honest, when I heard Elder Hardy was coming to YSA with me, I was confused. He was the last person I saw replacing Elder Rock. Lets just say, I question his social skills. I've met him twice and he is a ball of sunshine though. His attitude is what I love about him. Always positive and smiling. He just had a baptism last week, so he's coming with fire power! haha. But as far as I know, he's this nerdy nerdy white kid. Some sisters say: "You will have to break him out of his shell" ...
  I have no doubt he is an awesome missionary and, I'm just excited and a little nervous to see how he adapts to YSA in an English area. I am expecting some fun stories with this companion! I will get him Wednesday.
  Elder Rangel (the other mexican missionary that I love so much) is leaving our apartment to Montreal. So we will have 2 new Elders in our 4 man. Its going to be so so so different. I think it will be good though... more peace, and less screaming and kicking.
  Everything is going well, just excited to see what lies ahead...

Until next week!
(preaching to every creature)

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Elder Castrejon

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