Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 6, 2013

"We have been taught in our youth. 
And we will be the Lord's missionaries 
to bring the world his truth."

(Elder Castrejon's first email from the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah. posted by Anelieze Castrejon)

Whats new at the MTC? Um, everything. I have seen Elder Trenton Meline, Elder Evan Benson, and Sister Bethany Lassen already. That's good, God works in mysterious ways. My comp is Elder Hernandez from Las Vegas. He is about 6 foot 1 and Speaks Spanish like me. I am the senior companion for the next 3 weeks, and we have actually been called by our branch president to be the Zone Leaders of our 5 districts. Thanks for praying for me, I really need it as well as all of us here. This experience is really humbling because the gringos speak better French than we do, but I remember I already know 1 more language than them. (tee hee) but, Elder Hernandez and I already gave two lessons to a simulated investigator in all French. We have another lesson tonight with her. We teach by the spirit than the language. We sing in every lesson, its really effective. My companion and I are very alike and very different, but over all my whole district is super united, like a family. 2 Elders are from West Canada, one from AZ, one from Utah, and in the other district we have 1 from Texas, Scotland, and Utah again. I went to the temple today, it was awesome as usual. French is hard, but i can understand it sooooo well. Elder Hernandez has a little harder time understanding it but he practices the terms a lot. Faith is our gasoline.
Tell my family I'm doing great and to just pray that I retain the language terms. The native Elder Arias (who speaks fluent French, Spanish, and English) says I have an amazing french accent, like I'm from Montreal. I don't know but, we'll see as I learn more.
Yes, we're zone leaders, I'm not that great. We have much much MUCH to learn and a lot of responsibility.
I am drowning in the Lords work and I love it.
Until again, Elder Castrejon

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  1. Yeah, it's great to hear from you. Is that Pepe and Franco I see on those pics? Anyway it seems you are enjoying every minute of it.

    I wish the best luck to you.