Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

I hope you're liking my pictures! I try to take as much as I can.

Our devotional last week was with Russell M. Nelson!!!!! It was so awesome. Him & his wife spoke on angels and how they are with us and praying for us to baptize their families.
He also talked about the selected people that we are meant to find. So many of the things he said went directly to my heart. I have had the pleasure of hearing Elder Bednar and now, Russell M. Nelson.

I went to the temple today, and received some revelation from Mosiah 3:19.
before my mission, I had to repent for a lot sins. and I didn't know how to feel.
I didn't know that If I was fully repented, but that chapter testified to me that I AM.
and that serving a mission was the best decision of my life for my own repentance. Life is so much more beautiful.

So many spiritual experiences here. they never stop and my daily journal is getting so full.

Also this week, We had leadership meetings and our branch presidency expressed the love they had for us and how proud they were of the new "zone leaders"
we just received 24 new people in our zone. Some sisters from Germany, an Elder from Brazil. So many cultures here, and we're all learning French.

by the way, the French is hard, but its easy. I can't describe my relationship with it. My gospel French is weirdly good, but my street French is horrid.

WOW, I'm half way through the MTC. Its insane.
anyways, I only get an hour on here so I hope I debriefed you enough on my missionary life.
this is so fun.

Until we meet again,
Elder Castrejon. 

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