Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Hello everyone!
This week has been a faith testing week.
8 of our lessons got canceled in a row on us between 2 days.
Our investigator with a baptismal date for Feb, 1, 2014 blocked our phone number and is now hiding from us (let me tell you, this guy is totally sane, and has a huge testimony of the restored gospel) and we dont know whats going on!!!
My companion lost one of his tags... ugh.

Ok, I'll stop naming off all the negative things that happened this week.


Our district is having another baptism this Saturday!She is Chinese and awesomeeeeeee.

We went out knocking doors with a member named Paul and basically, we got into a apartment with 2 young girls from Africa and he testified to them of his conversion and how the book of Mormon is true and made one cry! Of this experience the girl said: "I'm so sorry... everything was just going wrong today, and all my plans were failing... and I was having a really rough day... UNTIL YOU CAME AND KNOCKED ON MY DOOR" ... (ahh... the old fashioned favorite words of a missionary)

have a great week!

ps. in case you're wondering why my emails are getting shorter... its because I now have to write to the mission president every monday about the district... and it takes long haha sorry fam!


Elder Castrejon

Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Yayyyyyyyyyyyy my district had a baptism!
Taylor! I was able to be apart of her confirmation. She is awesome :)

So last week was not very cold. Everyone is freaking out because they are like: "Why aren't we freezing????" ... BUT, the coldness has come back as of today... with a vengeance might I add.

Our investigator came to church for the first time and he loved it!!!!!!
His name is BLESSING. Yes.... like what we get from Heavenly Father. lol
He is awesome.

What else to add?
I'm eating at IKEA today. yeah like the furniture... apparently they have food there and its really popular in Canada? weird. but we're eating meatballs with The Adams (senior couple) today :)

Running out of time as always, but I love you! have a great one!

Elder Castrejon

Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Dear friends and family.
The mission is ready for blast off. Second transfer in Dows Lake YSA (Ottawa) has started out awesomeeeee. We got 2 new missionaries in the district which is exciting and we have a couple baptisms coming up in the district!

We have been teaching 15-20 lessons a week and things are getting back to normal after the holidays. Been working hard and trying to teach new people. Less actives are coming back and the work is HASTENING.

The members and the missionaries are finally on the same page, and The Lord's work is being accomplished!

The cold isn't too cold. Except for -40 celcius. THAT HURTS.

Like seriously.

Well something pretty cool that has been happening lately is that my companion Elder Rock and I have set a goal of setting 365 copies of The book of Mormon this year in 2014. We have already set about 25. We don't go back to the apartment at night until we place one in the nice hands of a soul and testify to them about the restoration. And I can tell you, we are being blessed for this new years resolution.

I encourage all of you to present your goals to God. He will help you. I promise.

Anyways... the sidewalks are pretty much PURE ICE BLOCKS. We basically ice skate to our appointments. We have seen people fall SOOOO HARD. Like, they get injured. The sidewalks are sooooooo slippery. Its kind of fun cause me and my companion race sometimes back to the apartment and we almost die. hahaha.

So for transfers none of my apartment got transferred. We're all together still! With the Zone Leaders eating yummy mexican food every day with Elder Rangel and I teaming up and cooking haha. I love being in a "4 man apartment". Nothing but laughter and beating up each other,

... and of course missionary work.

I never have enough time to write everything I want but I hope everyone has a great week! see ya later! :)

Elder Castrejon