Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

So talking to my family felt like a weird dream that never really happened. It was really weird leaving that skype conversation the other day as I stepped back into Missionary Life.

The past 2 weeks have been really different for us Singles Ward Elders. Finals week, then Christmas Vacation. It felt as if though NO ONE could meet with us for lessons. And as if though, NO ONE were walking the streets. It was probably one of the roughest "teaching weeks" I have had on the mission as far as teaching actual lessons go. BUT BUT BUT, we did have many miracles this past week. Joe came back to church after 7 years of being less active in Peru. And Yicela came back to church after being less active 7 years from Peru. And they do not even know each other. Joe is 19, and a potential future missionary and Yicela is 26 and studying at University of Ottawa. They came back to church on the same Sunday. it was awesome when they met each other and started talking in Spanish and saying stuff like: "yeah, I haven't been to church is 7 years" ... "NO WAY. ME TOO!" ... it was quite a site.

I skyped my family at a less-actives house who's name is Braedon Murphy. He is 20 and has never thought about a mission until we started meeting with him. He's super awesome. he's the buff blonde guy you saw with my companion Elder Rock. Transfers are next week and it feels like I will be getting another new companion. Everyone is prophesying that I will train again.... holy moly. I don't know how I feel about training again. Responsibility responsibility ... blagh. I don't know haha.

Anyways, Christmas was awesome. Thanks for your package. I should be getting it in a week :) my companions family sent me a package as well, so i had some stuff for Christmas and not to mention the stockings the ward made us haha.

The missionary work in Dows Lake is very different. It brings out a different side of me. teaching people my age, and getting on a personal level with people just like me is so different. I love it though.

Being in this area has confirmed to me over and over and over again that i am supposed to be here with these missionaries and members and investigators. Oh how I love it here.

I will be taking awesome pictures of ice sculptures soon when the winter festival down here starts. I'm so excited! :)

anyways, I love every single one of you. I hope you all know that.
Until next week!
Elder Castrejon

Monday, December 16, 2013


Photo shoot in Ottowa.

December 16, 2013


MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS. Photo shoot in Ottawa.
Elder Castrejon

Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

I don't have much to say, but if you vote for me... all of your wildest dreams will come true.
- Pedro (Napolean Dynamite)

I think about that quote all the time when I'm starting to write my weekly email home hahaha.
No but seriously, I don't have much to say but, I will say a couple things.
My district is performing at the ysa talent show tonight. So that'll be cool.

I had a photoshoot today with a less active member who is studying to be a photographer.
So expect super cool pictures of me in the snow and stuff for christmas.
Um, I love all of you. Have a great week!

Elder Castrejon

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

This week I have gone through many experiences that have confirmed to me, that this is the place where Heavenly Fathers needs me.
Ottawa, Ontario in the YSA Dows Lake ward.

So since I am in the young single adults. I am always working with people my age and always walking around the universities here. Mostly the University of Ottawa. I don't have a car, or bikes. So our transportation is our bus passes haha. We take the bus everywhere and walk everywhere. YES, in the SNOW. I LOVE THE SNOW so far. But everyone I meet says:
 "Where you from?"


Its fun.... fun stuff.

Being called as a District leader has allowed me to not only serve the people, but my fellow missionaries. I LOVE IT. More responsibility but, maybe its good for me. I don't know.

Anyways. I don't have much more time because there are a whole bunch of missionaries at the church waiting for us to get off the computer so they can email their families as well.

But I would like to share a powerful experience with y'all.

So we found a less active Edward, through Facebook and he invited us over to his house warmly.
(yes we use facebook now............)
When we got there, he was sitting on his couch with his non-member friend Roberta, who he invited as well.
We met with them both.
We had a very good visit with him and it was very spiritual and uplifting visit.

After we left, apparently Roberta started crying for about 30 minutes but she didn't know why she was (after we had left) ... She asked Edward "WHY AM I CRYING? WHAT IS THIS?"
and Edward(less active) testified to her... "that is the spirit".

Edward described it to us that it looked like a woman who stood in the presence of Jesus Christ and did not feel worthy.

Edward then told us, that he knows who we represent and he knows that we brought the spirit of The Savior into her life and that she was feeling like she had found what she needed.

It was a beautiful experience to know that a 20 year old & a 18 year old
(yes I'm serving with Elder Rock, he's 18...) could be representatives of The Lord Jesus Christ.
There is nothing like the mission.

(oh yeah, and we got to decorate a christmas tree with Roberta and Edward! haha so fun! and the 3 other Elders in my apartment surprised me with another birthday cake!!!) 
Elder Castrejon

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

 I'm going to try to write this email without crying...
(yes, I'm a wimp............................... no)

  Something I didn't realize before my mission but that I always heard throughout my life, has been The Members Prayers for The Missionaries.
There has been nothing more sweet than the true and sincere prayers from the latter day saints of Quebec. Every time we meet with them, they pray... not only do they pray, but they pray specifically for The Missionaries and their families. Before my mission I never really thought about what that truly means to a missionary but now as a missionary, I DO.
  I am truly humbled by the prayers I hear. The responsibility I have to bring people unto repentance is enormous. I mean, how would you feel, if at every meal you have with members, they pray and say: "Bless the missionaries that they may find the people who are ready for the gospel, bless them and their tongues that they might be able to speak and that they may do thy work"

... and then after you might forget and complain about how tired you are, how COLD it is, how things aren't going well... blah blah. I am guilty of that. Its not easy dealing with failure or rejection. AlthoughI have the name of a God on my chest, does not mean I am one. I am still human and this stuff is still hard.
but the comfort and strength that I receive from these people is INFINITE. I love them, and cherish them.

So that brings me to my next point.


Yes, this transfer, The Lord has called me to serve as District Leader in the Dows Lake, Ottawa, Singles Ward. As you know, in the province of Ontario, 90% of the people speak English. So yes, I will be preaching in English. Not even Spanish or French (like I had the blessing of doing in Victoriaville).

I have been in Victoriaville for the past 6 months. I got trained here. I trained here. I had my first baptism here. First temple trip here. Organized a first activity here. Gave my first blessing here. My first nasty dinner on the mission here.

The members love is the reason it is so hard on me. I've never gotten so many gifts in my life. Cologne, comic books, letters, cakes, nesquik chocolate milk. I don't think they are very excited about me leaving them but I know that The Lord needs me in Ottawa now so that's where I will be on Tuesday. The progression never ends... and it was never meant to end. We will keep moving forward until all eternity.

Well, that's my little email this week. Love you all. And take care.
Have a happy thanksgiving (ps. my birthday + Hanuka) 

Elder Castrejon

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

 So we had the opportunity to be trained by Elder Peiper of the first quorum of the 70 this week at mission conference. Growing up I used to think "quorum of the 70? ... that's weak. the 12 apostles is where its at! ... what do the 70 even do? they're not even famous" ...
Well shame on me.
Now I understand the responsibility and sacred calling these men of the church hold. I now understand the doctrine behind who they are and what they do.

Elder Peiper gave a great training about the Book of Mormon, doctrine and the spirit.
The spirit he brought to the conference was apostolic and everything about what we learned that day was inspired. I am so grateful to have received his teachings that I will keep with me for the rest of my life.

We have been working hard. Finding more more and more people who are willing to receive us.

Transfer calls are this Saturday so I have been warning members that my possibilities are high, to leave the area.

When I told a Sister this Sunday that I might leave soon, she looked at me with the saddest look in her eyes and said to me: "No, you can't leave. I just got to know you...... we need you."

those 3 words pierced my heart.
"we need you"

this sunday was the primary program and our primary sang in Spanish and French and we had 11 non-members at church! it was great. The members are doing their missionary work and really hastening the Lords work over here in victoriaville. Its awesome to teach people who come from the members efforts!

So this morning I got a call at 6:50am telling my spanish investigator who doesnt speak french needed a ride to the hospital for her daughter.
long story short. We stayed with them at the hospital from 8-12. 3 hours of waiting. The health care here is free, and it sure seemed like it.
So i basically translated the doctors words in french to spanish so that they could figure out what was wrong with our investigators daughter. It was stressful knowing that my translation could determine what the doctors would do with her. pretty intense stuff.

well, I know these are all random stories... but I hope you liked them!

love you all!!!!!!!!!
Elder Castrejon

Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hello family and friends. The SNOWWW IS HERE.

As the work moves forward, and the snow arrives, my testimony grows.
This week I had the opportunity to speak in church.
You know growing up I used to look at missionaries give talks and used to think to myself: "Man that must suck... they can barely speak Spanish...freak dude, I would hate to do that"
Well, now I can say, "its not that bad".
With 6 months already into the mission my French is at the stage I was hoping it would be. I know that there are unseen powers that are helping me speak French, and Spanish. Before my mission, sure, I could speak Spanish. But I had never before been a full time Spanish speaking missionary. Sometimes it feels like I'm learning 2 languages instead of 1. (Not to mention the varieties of accents here.)
Yes. Its hard. But I have never prayed so hard in my life. I think my companion Elder Noel and I pray about 30 times a day. Every time we leave the car, and every time we leave the apartment, every time before an appointment, every time we eat, every time we plan... I'm not exaggerating when I say 30 times.
I still can't believe the Lord has entrusted me with a new missionary. He is almost done with his first 12 weeks and it has been such a blessing to learn from him and see him grow. The responsibility and pressure of training young, has accelerated my growth as a missionary of The Lord.

I had my interview with the mission president this week and one thing he asked me was: "So Elder Castrejon, what is the next step for you as a missionary?" .... I didn't know how to answer but it really made me reflect on where I am as a servant of The Lord. I love receiving witness from the holy ghost that I am in the right place doing the right thing and becoming the right person.
Anyways,transfers are coming up soon and I don't know if I can leave Victoriaville without tears in my eyes. I hope I stay 5 transfers here but we NEVER know.
The members are excited for my birthday the 28th, and told me if I leave the 26th on transfers, then they will still do something for me. haha. They're too sweet.
Tomorrow we have a super rare super special MISSION CONFERENCE with President Pieper from the 70. Pretty excited about that. So I'm getting a haircut from a member today. Her haircuts are wayyy better than the ones I usually give myself.
hmm... this week I helped chop down a tree! That was cool, and scary because we really didn't know what we were doing, but we did it anyway! Fun fun fun!
Until next time! stay warm! ..... oh wait..... you're all in California....
ps. 40 degrees is NOT COLD. Hahahaha.
Elder Castrejon

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

 It's November everybody! That's my month! And it has started off with miracles! miracles! miracles!

Last week my companion and had splits with the district leader and his companion. So I went to Drummondville to split with Elder Losee again and I worked over there on Halloween. It was very interesting. We contacted a media referral from the visitors center and we called them up. The zone leaders advised us to tell them we were friends of "K***L". So we called her up and she answered. (Elder Losee is a transfer younger than me but still got scared of the french and handed me the phone). I then started to talk to her and I told her: "Hey, we were sent here by "K***L" and we wanted to know if we could visit you, we are right outside of were you live actually" and she then started to curse and told me to tell "K***L" stuff... blah blah blah sfsdkhfkdshjfh ....


In a nutshell... the person that sent us to her house happened to be this 'sexual predator' who keeps harassing her handicap (blind) daughter over the internet.


I ended up figuring out who she was, what her experience has been with missionaries, what she liked, her family, so on and so forth. And she happened to be this old lady who was told by her doctor she doesn't have very much time to live.

I felt prompted to ask if she spoke English.
she did.
I than spoke to her in English and told her after being denied several times before to visit her: "My'am, we are the missionaries of Jesus Christ, and we would like to meet you and shake your hand and tell you how grateful we are for people like you in this world"
She really appreciated that and let us visit her.
We spoke with her and her daughter for 20 minutes and talked about the plan of salvation. She will now be receiving missionary lessons.

I can't imagine what would've happened if I would have quit at the sudden awkwardness that came from those first instances on the phone. Wow.

Anyways, the past 3 days have been unbelievable.

We keep ending up in the right places at the right time. I would go into detail but it would probably take more time than I am permitted.
In a nutshell... the Holy Spirit is real and it can guide you.

My companion and I felt prompted to bear our testimonies in sacrament meeting. I've never felt prompted to do so before on my mission. It was so strong and profound I could not resist (although we are counselled not to go up...) .. We went up.
As I stood up, the chapel got really quiet. it felt as though even the crying babies had been silenced. I opened my mouth and I felt like a French Puppeteer was taking control of me. Somehow I was speaking so fluently. That afterwards the members came up to me and told me how they admired the testimony I bared. I felt a reassurance that whatever I had said was true and that the families in Victoriaville needed to hear that. It was a nice feeling.

hmm... we also had a very powerful lesson with a former investigator who came back to church. It so happens, we committed her to baptism and she knows the church is true. If the Lord allows. We will have another 2 victoriaville baptisms. It was an intense lesson filled with tears and spirit. and SPANISH. She only speaks Spanish.

Well, I had Colombian Tamales and they are my new favorite ever.

Oh and just before my comp and I got to the computers, we thought we would go "thrift store shopping"!! YAYYY!

We went up to the thrift store where the door was locked but the sign said: "ring to open"... we rang and a lady came to the see through glass door and waved her head in disapproval. She wasn't going to let us shop at her thrift store. So I pulled out my wallet and waved money at her. She then opened the door and asked: "what do you want?" ... I said: "this is a store isn't it?" she answered: "Theres nothing for you here" (I could clearly see things that men would buy there) ... I answered: "We just want to look and maybe buy something" She said: "Your jehova witness" I said: "No, not at all" She answered: "sure, bye" and closed her business doors on us. 

The world is rapidly changing friends and family. It is getting further and further from the Lord.  Stay strong, keep your faith. God lives, Jesus lives.

Until next week,

Elder Castrejon

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

 Dear family and friends. It is I. Elder Castrejon. I just want to tell you all, that I love every single one of you. I can not describe the joy... the pure joy that comes from missionary work. This week I had many opportunities to serve others. All the way from mowing lawns, moving a member to their new house, and doing inventory at a IGA (grocery store) at 5 O'clock in the morning for a youth fund raiser... I have never counted so many bottles of baby food in my life!!!
  As I go out and experience these things, I come to realize how I am being used as a tool in The Lords hands. I see the happiness service brings to these members and it is rewarding on so many different levels.
  Being on a mission has made me realize the divine power of heavenly father. The love he has for every single one of his children. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS CHILDREN. HE NEVER FORGETS ONE. NOT ONE.
  He puts us missionaries in the places we need to be, at the right time, with the right people. He puts the right words in our mouths exactly when we need to say it. I can not deny the power of the spirit.
  This week I felt prompted to visit someone at a certain time. We had a plan but we decided we would just move away from that plan and follow the prompting. So we did. We visited our 14 year old investigator. Her father won't come to her baptism because he is atheist and thinks it isn't important... but her mom wants her to be baptized (her mother is an ex-mormon). This was our next baptism, but everything has just been really crazy lately. That very moment when we followed that prompting, was the perfect time because she was only there with her brother. We taught them both and now we are preparing her little brother for baptism. We testified to them that 2 are better than 1. And that them together can soften the heart of their father and they can become members of Jesus Christ's church restored on the earth. It was a very uplifting experience.
  This week we also had stake conference. It was beautiful. Our stake has 7 wards and 6 branches. IT IS HUGE. And it covers so much land.
We had a special stake conference with an area 70. President Olson. We also had a choir consisting of the missionaries and the members. The whole stake conference was focused on The Prophets focus: "NOW IS THE TIME that members and missionaries work together". It was a great conference. On Sunday we also had a choir of all children. They sang a medley of I am a child of God in sign language, Spanish, French, English. I don't know where else I could see children do that. This is truly a marvelous place.
  It was fun after the conference, there was a special new-convert meeting with the area authority and I got to accompany Claire. My new convert. It was a great feeling. She is praying about serving a mission. My friend... my convert.... thinking about serving a mission. Wow.

Oh, it should be snowing soon! I bought a nice coat. Kinda scarrryyy...

Well, until next time! :)
Elder Castrejon

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

ITS-GETTING-CHILLY. (just saying)

You know, I always have these cool "opening the red sea spiritual experiences" but the moment I get in front of the computer, I can't remember them!! Well, let me be random as usual.

Yesterday, we contacted a Muslim. He let us in and fired away. Spirit of contention from the very very start... but of course Elder Castrejon had to learn more about his beliefs and share some of his, so he did.

We were there for about 20 minutes, just having this Muslim "teach us the truth" and telling us Jesus was only a prophet, NOT the son of God-"Mohammed wrote the Koran, Thomas S. Monson is not a prophet, blah blah blah, try to ask me a question I don't have the answer to"
I'd say it was pretty intense. I definitely learned a bunch from that one conversation, very interesting fella. When we left, we were sure he felt content and happy about how he "won" his little battle. It was fun. (all in French of course)


Oh, this week, we decided to take a plate of rice crispies to a potentials house. We had never met the parents before and we wanted to meet the parents of the family there. So we gave them treats and told them we would return to share a message about how families can be together forever and they accepted! OH THE POWER OF TREATS :)

So we have this less active brother, right? And apparently he used to have this really strong testimony and we've been working with his family on helping him return to the gospel of Jesus Christ. But we have never been able to find out the root of his departure from the church... or in another words, "why he left".

but this week something very interesting happened.
We contacted into a man who claimed to be his boyfriend.


Yeah, you can say that again... and we are not even sure his family knows this or if it was a joke or something but now we are soooo lost. Haha... it was rather interesting. Anyways, we offered the man to hear a message about eternal happiness and he denied us... (of course)... but hey, we tried.

What else what else what else...

So our branch president really loves ping pong...? For some reason, and he bought 2 ping pong tables for the branch. So we play with the youth & non-member youth from time to time, and I feel like I have the skills of Forest Gump. Elder Noel and I are unbeatable. (Except for Brother Labbe... brother labbe is thee equivalent to the Olympic China Ping Pong Team)

Oh... this morning we finally had ICE on our windshields.... YESSSSS.
Snow should come in the next couple days. YUP, and we ARE NOT READY-AT-ALL.

As for our investigators...
We are teaching a Spanish family of 3 tonight and we hope to commit them to a baptismal date. Pretty exciting!!!
There is nothing like the joy we missionaries get from seeing someone grow to know the gospel is restored on the earth today!

Until next time,

Elder Castrejon

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

 Sooooooooo... looks like I'm spending 6 months in Victoriaville!! I'm staying with my greenie for another transfer. Its all good because I love it here and I could literally serve for longer in this area.
  After a very spiritually uplifting week, Elder Noel and I put our shoulder to the wheel and started applying what we learned at zone training, and during general conference. We have been working twice as hard as before and we are starting to contact door to door a lot more. I'm not too fond of doing door to door because its not very effective but with the extra time we do have, we go out and search for those who are prepared to hear the gospel.
  I went to the Island of Montreal the last P-day with our senior couple "The Petersons" ... I bought a side bag at Aldo's and got some sweet grey & blue pants at H&M. Since thee missionary wardrobe changed, I thought I would get some stuff before the winter. (and we cant wear backpacks anymore)...
  The Island of Montreal is the equivalent to New York City. Huge Buildings, Crazy people running around, jam packed, payed parking, whole bunch of stores, 5347854 languages, and whatever else you can think of. The Island of Montreal has it. I can't wait to serve there and take the buses and underground metros.
  And actually that day in Montreal, my companion & I just walked out of an H&M and a African man came up to us and said: "Elders!! Elders!! blah blah blah blah blah..." (he was speaking so fast we couldn't understand his french or English....almost everyone in Montreal is bilingual) but we ended up giving him our number and apparently he was an investigator of some other missionaries in the area. Its just cool to think that people "know the Elders" ... love that. HEY! ITS THE ELDERS!

  I would lie to you if I told you my testimony was not strengthened every single day that I am out here. Every single day I see the hand of the Lord working in his divine work. I see miracles. I truly see miracles out here, and it is amazing.

  I am so happy to be in the service of a loving heavenly father and I am so happy I help people understand that he has a plan for them.

  Well, looks like I'll be spending my birthday in Victoriaville! Halloween as well! OH AND TODAY IS Canada Thanksgiving! (its not great though...)

Elder Castrejon

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Dear friends and family.
This week has been a week of spiritual uplifting experiences.
I have never heard such a powerful conference. As a missionary I have the blessing of receiving revelation for all my investigators and it is a special and wonderful thing.
I share my personal testimony, that I know Jesus Christ is at the head of this church and that it is lead by latter day prophets.
I testify that the trials we go through in our lives are meant to go through. As we overcome our trails we must never look back and always check the sky for rainy days. Always stay prepared as we go our seperate ways each and every day into a world where the people are getting farther and moving faster away from The Lord. Stay strong friends, for you are children of a loving heavenly father. A loving perfect heavenly father who has a plan for all of us, and to accomplish that plan he works through us, imperfect beings. We are not perfect, but someone was. He was the champion, The Son of God, Jesus The Christ. The time is now friends, for members and missionaries like myself to work together to hasten the work in the time of The Lord. That time is now.
I love you all, and I pray for you all.
Take care
Elder Castrejon

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Soooo after a 30 minute battle with the slowest computer in the church. I finally have the time to write you all. Yayyyy!
Anything new happen this week? ... hmmmm.
This week we did a lot of back breaking service. We shoveled rocks. THAT WAS FUN.
No really... it was fun because the branch president called us and thanked us so much for finishing the job and he was sooo amazed at the work we did. He was so happy. It was awesome.
We also helped a member move. Lets just say, the love it when the missionaries move all the heavy stuff. Haha.
So we've been kind of sore this week. A lot biking and raining, and just working hard.
To be honest, nothing really out of your ordinary missionary week. There were miracles of course, as there always is. But nothing too huge.
Training as new missionary has definately been an experience thus far. It is so intense have 50% Spanish and 50% French investigators and being expected to be the only one who can speak them because of my new companion. Its very difficult to not leave him out and have him help me with whatever he can do.
My new companion is a great guy. Very hard working and just likes to get up and go. Kind of gets bored easily. Sometimes I have to tell him to hang on to his horses because of the fact that I will be the one speaking for the most part of this transfer. He doesn't have to worry too much about it... but more about surviving and learning the basics of the language. He studies hard, which is super good. I can tell his pride gets hurt by the language but he's hanging in there. Love him with all that I have.
OH! This week we hit ZERO degrees celcius. Thats freezing point over here. I would say things are getting a little chilly around these parts hahaha.
Well, until next time friends and family :)

Elder Castrejon

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Bounjor Tous!!! Cava bien?

2 weeks ago, my companion and I were privileged to be the witnesses at little Lorenzas baptism. She was baptized by her father and at her baptism there were 33 non members. The stake president told us to call in an extra team of missionaries. So we had help from the Drummondville Elders to contact each non member at that baptism. It was a spiritual event. The family has 4 beautiful little children and they sang ``families can be together forever`` before the baptism and the spirit was so powerful. All the non members were there to witness it. In fact, there was more non members than members. After the baptism, we contacted everyone and I met the Grandfather and Uncle of little lorenza, and they spoke Italian, English, Spanish, and French so I got to speak with them in 3 of the languages I know. It was an awesome conversation. I told them I would visit them when I move to Montreal because they live there and its 2 hours away. I will soon send the Elders over to them because the Uncle really enjoyed the unity in our church and told me they don't have that in his catholic church. Anyways... the baptism was great. We got some potentials but all in different cities. We sure have the trust of the members here in Victoriaville, they really do rely on us for things. Its nice.
We met a man a week back who was an ex-jehova witness. We had a pretty heated conversation about religion and while we had him read the intro to the Book Of Mormon he closed it like it was blasphemy before his very eyes. (he was a very kind guy though) ... as he closed the book as if though he was going to be sick, we testified to him but everything bounced right off. Later that night, I thought to myself, wow... how.... just how. Its like I`m ``throwing my pears before swines.`` ... Anyways, that experience taught me a good lesson.
So in correlation meeting with the branch president (because we have no ward mission leader) My companion and I have began to start the tradition of FATHERS AND SONS here in Victoriaville. We are making preparations to have a camp-out at the end of this month, and I am stressing this activity to the members so they can bring their friends and sons plus fathers. We are starting up great activities for the members, such as movie night, culture night and etc. Its going well so far!
Its my 2nd transfer already and by the end of this month it will be my 3rd. Time is going so fast. But my companion and I are staying in VICTO! :)
The biggest miracle we have had here thus far is CLAIRE.
CLAIRE is what you call, an ``ETERNI-GATOR``. She has been a on and off investigator for the past 8 years and her best friends are Mormon. She has had a baptismal date before and it fell through. None of her family are members. (2 kids 2 parents) In fact her mother is a Eternigator as well. Her and her mother. Her father is against the church, super prideful and catholic. The son follows the fathers example. They are originally from Haiti. Anyways, one day she texted us for a lesson. That lesson changed her life forever. As we taught and talked to her, we decided to give her a new baptismal date. She rejected it at first, but we said according to what the spirit directed and she was then ok with it. I was so in tune with the spirit that I said a lot of bold things to her this day and I made her pray then and there in front of us, that if she would be baptized on a certain day. She ended up praying and started crying. I testified to her that this day would be a day her and her family would remember forever and that the wait was over
.... This Friday (or Saturday) she will become the ONLY member in her family and my companion will have the blessing of baptizing her. Her father and brother refuse to come. But I know she will be blessed and will be an example to them. She also told us in an appointment that she wants to serve a mission (in south korea hahaha) ... Her testimony is so strong and even as a non member, in high school she finished Seminary as a scriptorian. We are so happy. I can`t put it in words. The ward is wonder how did we do it. We just tell them its not us, its the Lord. I`m sure the ward thinks we`re big hot shots or something because of our 3 baptisms together. People are just ready... ready for the mix Elder Fontaine and I bring to the mission field in Victoriaville.

So both of the brakes on my bike broke last week and it was soooo hard to stop. My companion told me to brake by using my back shoe on my back tire and my shoe got THRASHED. hahahaha...
We tend to get rained on quite a bit... you can never tell when you will get POURED ON. And since we dont have a car... we are always biking! Its fun though.... COLD but fun...
oh and we got groceries on bikes... it was quite a sight....

We met with a less active named Guille. We always visit him but this time we visited him, he told us his convert story and said he saw an angel and thats what made him be baptized. Crazy stuff. He saw his angel twice... weird.

I love people who stare at us and forget the light turns green. I also love people who talk about us behind our backs and say mean stuff. But i hate being called Jehova witness. The Jehovas here are hardcore, they take ``tracting`` to a different level. The force themselves upon people so people fear men in ties and with books ... haha. Its always their first impression of us. ``La temoigne de Jehova!!!!`` NO! WE`RE THE MORMONS.
Teaching English every tuesday is rather fun. I get relate to people here learning a new language just like me! They`re are so hilarious. One of my students brought me and my comp. a fruit smoothie last week. She is so sweet!

Also, the families from France here eat FRENCH CHEESE. Hardcore moldy stuff and, I can`t eat it. They always joke around trying to give it to me and im like noooo! I`m lactose intolerant! and my companion is from france so he helps the members force me to eat it ... ahhhhhh hahahahaha... its an experience.

The Becquereau family says they will make escargot for me soon... OH MAN.
We found a new investigator named Bruno. In a nutshell, he let us in, he was super kind, and he said that THE BOOK OF MORMON WAS THE ANSWER TO HIS PRAYERS. He believes in some weird stuff though.... so we`ll see happens with him. We`re excited for him. He said he literally prayed the week before to have a new set of scriptures because he felt that the bible didn't contain the fullness of the gospel. PRAY FOR BRUNO! :)

Well, I guess I`ll end this email with some of my personal feelings.
Before my mission people always told me I was humble. That they always admired my humility. Well, Being on the mission I have learned that I am not as humble as people think. Being quiet and obedient does not make one, ``humble``. Not being able to teach people as well as I could in English, not being able to say what I want to say in my prayers, not being able to target a persons needs the moment I meet them and ask them questions they might need to hear at that time in English, not being able to sound as good as my companion when I know I could do just as well in MY language.... THAT IS HUMBLING. Praying for the strength to retrain my pride. Constant prayer with heavenly father to give me the energy to learn and loosen my tongue... THAT IS HUMBLING. Being on my mission is really teaching me true, and Christ-like humility. I am so grateful for all the trials I have already been through, and I pray I can be more humble. Think about what you could work on and pray for the strength to achieve that goal. The Lord will strengthen you. I promise, because I know how hard it is now. I love it here and I love you all. Keep choosing the right and until next time where I write you another huge letter.

Elder Castrejon

Friday, July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013


2nd baptism went amazing.
The weather is super humid over here and it rains a lot after its super duper hot.
Still getting yelled at every week but still working hard!!
anyways, any questions feel free to ask me.
We had our first zone study this past week and it was marvolous with President Patricks and his family of 9 or so. They spoke to us and sang a number for us. It was crazy spiritual. They're great.
I have had 3 splits in 4 weeks. Crazy cool experiences on splits.
I have had a all french baptism and a all spanish baptism, and I had the oppurtunity to direct the Spanish baptism and translate it into the both languages for the branch.

Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

No, I'm not a beast. Yes, the Lord has blessed me and I got lucky. The first was Kareen and this saturday is Alicia (spanish speaker)
Alicia was down for vacation, her daughter is a member. and we are gonna baptize her in 2 weeks of meeting her, and she will be confirmed a member of the lords church on Sunday the 7th before she leaves on the 9th. Crazy miracles yo. She goes on vacation and receives the restored gospel. soooo cool.
um, I got flicked off again this week!!! its amazing to smile and represent christ when they do that. They do not know who they degrade. the big name on our badges... thats who.
anyways, I had back to back SPLITS this week. An elder came from drummondville and I was here in victoriaville with him, my companion trusted me enough to be alone in this area only after 3 weeks. I got to drive too and be the leader. it was sooo odd.
and I went to,
Quebec City, QC. I had some crazy experiences on splits... crazyyy. 
Here in Victo, we were inspired to tract a certain road and found Silva. Oh man, so inspired. He's athiest but we dropped a "bom" &we're gonna come back for "our book" lol, he didn't like the book of mormon idea so much at first but he told us that he prayed for the "truth" when he was 14 and he never got an answer. I testified to him that day, that HIS ANSWER WAS SITTING WRITE IN FRONT OF HIM HOLDING THE BOOK WITH ALL HIS ANSWERS AND THAT WE WERE SORRY THE LORD CHOSE THIS TIME 16 YEARS LATER TO GIVE HIM HIS ANSWER. HE was touched by the spirit and I know it. Poor guy has so much hurt from that experience of not receiving an answer to his prayers at 14... so we'll see.
In quebec we spoke with a non member who wanted a blessing of comfort.
Her life story was the most intense I have ever heard. Religion has only hurt her life, and now she needed a blessing because the sister missionaries invited her to get one from the elders. She is 85 years old and speaks english and french.
basically, the climax of her 1 hour and 20 minute story was that her crazy son has tried to kill her twice to get her home and her will & money. She is rich and he is the heir to what she has. crazy stuff... we took so long listening that we didn't even have time to give her THE BLESSING! we had to leave to another appointment. wish i could write more.... but anywaysss...
every tuesday,
we teach English the people from the community. Non-members! I forgot to tell y'all that I'm teaching ENGLISH!!! the students are all retired people and they are soooo funny!! love them!! we teach in the church of course.
at our baptism, our new mission president (the stake president from Florida in the missionary broadcast) surprised us at our baptism!!! wow, we were soooo nervous. He brought his whole family and we ate with him afterwards. the ward invited him to our next baptism saturday but he can't make it. I hope we made a good first impression hahahahah.
anyways, french is getting a lot easier every day.
loving every day, loving it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

You might think Canada, is just a "weird America". You are wrong.
Quebec is like its own country. It is so different. Beside having 536485378 languages, its soooo beautiful.
Especially the island of Montreal, where the mission home is located. Let me tell you about my mission, the culture, and my experiences within the 15 minutes I have to type this.
The mission: They told me the first day, that THIS IS a Baptizing mission. The field is white and ready to harvest, and because that is true, we tract 40% of the time and it works. Its so insane. The mission president said that this mission has the "super soldier missionaries". The missionaries who can take on the challenge. Its true, all the Elders and Sisters I have met are spiritual giants within themselves. Crazy stuff.
The history: So in the past, there was a rebellion against the Catholic church. And all of Quebec rejected religion because it tried to take over all of Quebec. Now, there are abannoned HUGE catholic churches everywhere. Abannoned. They look so european and dope though.
The culture and people: In the City of Montreal, more people speak smoothly and more modern French. In Ottowa, people speak more English. The farther you go east, it is the country side of Quebec. Which americans like to call "Texas French" or "Hick French". The people call themselves the "QUEBEQUAS". The culture is awesome and the people speak really fast. The first days it felt like purrrreeeeee chinese. Having a Normandy France Native companion helps out a lot. He is 6 foot 6 and he is so cool and diligent. He is also the district leader. Yup.
but also, the older people here are really against organized religion and are soooo bitter about what happened in the past. They really reject us and slam the doors. Theres A LOT of older people here. A lot of veterans who went through all the religious mess.
but it is awesome, because a lot of the younger people are HUNGRYYYY FOR the gospel. They are so prepared by the Lord, and we just gotta knock and find them. A lot of people smoke and drink here its crazy. We have a baptism in a week and we are so excited for Kareen.
The languages: So far, my language is going good. I gave my testimony on my first Sunday (happy fathers day!) and the 28 year old branch president told me I am the best "non-french speaking greenie" he has had because of how well I speak. I still feel like a suck! anyway, theres a TON of collumbian refugee's here and I gave an hour lesson to yeny all in Spanish. I used both languages so much because my companion knows very little spanish. We help out each other a lot. To survive as a missionary here you have to be bilingual, I can't see any other way haha. Anyways keep praying for my tongue to be loosened by the Lord.
The land: The land is beautiful, whole bunch of trees, whole bunch of green, its been raining a lot but we still beast through the rain on our backs. OUR AREA IS HUUUGGEEE and we are the only pair of missionaries in Victoriaville. Crazynessss.
We get a new mission president next month. President Patrick. He's a really rich man. Thats all I know. And he's coming from Florida with 4 kids. He was a CEO and dropped the bussiness to serve. So cool.
The food: THE FOOD IS GREAT. We get fed well in Victoriaville! The Branch Presidents family is like 14 big and they are so determined to help us with whatever we need. The mom of the Branch President washes our clothes. The dad of the branch president gives us rides and gets free food from a Mormon owned grocerie store for us. We are so blessed here. I've eaten some coooool multi cultural stuff here. Nothing I haven't really liked. But my companions diet is different then mine, a lot of FRANCE influenced stuff: Sugar sugar sugar cheese cheese cheese.

Lets see, what else.
oh yeah, the first door I knocked on, they let us in and we gave a lesson. We were about to head home but then my companion invited my to knock and thats what happened! haha! Begginners luck! Everything is in French, the milk cartons, the signs, the stores, everything. The stop lights are sideways, horizontal instead of vertical. The air is good ummm... the church building is really cute and small. And I got eaten by bugs doing a service project for a catholic family.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 11, 2013

I have arrived in Montreal!!!! It is so beautiful, and I am in shock. So many different people here! I am so hungry, I can't wait to eat here at the mission home! I get assigned tonight! AHHHHHH!!!! Love y'all!

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10 (earlier), 2013

I AM SO PUMPED. I leave tomorrow morning, and I am so ready to proclaim my testimony to this foreign world.
I have only heard good things about Montreal from teachers here that have served there!
"The field is so white!"
"The people are so ready"
"The French is not French, its Quebequa" (quebequa is a form of french they speak in Canada, its like really crazy and jumpy. A totally different dialect, and all I know is FRENCH FRENCH) I'm so stoked to just be blown away by the culture there.
They told me that one time, a elder there wrote down all the people from different countries he met in that area for the time he was there before a transfer, and he said,
he met 40 some people from different places around the world and wrote them all down.
I AM SO EXCITED, and the 3 other members in my district always tell me I'm the most efficient in the language, but I feel like I suck still.
I can't to see whats first, Spanish or French.

June 10, 2013


My companion and I were one of the elect chosen to be the Preach My Gospel "example missionaries" for the incoming 940 missionaries this week. We taught "acting" investigators and were microphone'd up to teach in front of 100 new greenies and be the example. There was a moderator who dissected the lesson and taught as we went on. We taught two people. It was super cool.

Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013

Enjoying a cup of noodles-- he gets hungry between dinnertime and lights out!
Desk at the MTC and care package with some goodies.
Name tags!!
Top bunk.