Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

So talking to my family felt like a weird dream that never really happened. It was really weird leaving that skype conversation the other day as I stepped back into Missionary Life.

The past 2 weeks have been really different for us Singles Ward Elders. Finals week, then Christmas Vacation. It felt as if though NO ONE could meet with us for lessons. And as if though, NO ONE were walking the streets. It was probably one of the roughest "teaching weeks" I have had on the mission as far as teaching actual lessons go. BUT BUT BUT, we did have many miracles this past week. Joe came back to church after 7 years of being less active in Peru. And Yicela came back to church after being less active 7 years from Peru. And they do not even know each other. Joe is 19, and a potential future missionary and Yicela is 26 and studying at University of Ottawa. They came back to church on the same Sunday. it was awesome when they met each other and started talking in Spanish and saying stuff like: "yeah, I haven't been to church is 7 years" ... "NO WAY. ME TOO!" ... it was quite a site.

I skyped my family at a less-actives house who's name is Braedon Murphy. He is 20 and has never thought about a mission until we started meeting with him. He's super awesome. he's the buff blonde guy you saw with my companion Elder Rock. Transfers are next week and it feels like I will be getting another new companion. Everyone is prophesying that I will train again.... holy moly. I don't know how I feel about training again. Responsibility responsibility ... blagh. I don't know haha.

Anyways, Christmas was awesome. Thanks for your package. I should be getting it in a week :) my companions family sent me a package as well, so i had some stuff for Christmas and not to mention the stockings the ward made us haha.

The missionary work in Dows Lake is very different. It brings out a different side of me. teaching people my age, and getting on a personal level with people just like me is so different. I love it though.

Being in this area has confirmed to me over and over and over again that i am supposed to be here with these missionaries and members and investigators. Oh how I love it here.

I will be taking awesome pictures of ice sculptures soon when the winter festival down here starts. I'm so excited! :)

anyways, I love every single one of you. I hope you all know that.
Until next week!
Elder Castrejon

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