Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

This week I have gone through many experiences that have confirmed to me, that this is the place where Heavenly Fathers needs me.
Ottawa, Ontario in the YSA Dows Lake ward.

So since I am in the young single adults. I am always working with people my age and always walking around the universities here. Mostly the University of Ottawa. I don't have a car, or bikes. So our transportation is our bus passes haha. We take the bus everywhere and walk everywhere. YES, in the SNOW. I LOVE THE SNOW so far. But everyone I meet says:
 "Where you from?"


Its fun.... fun stuff.

Being called as a District leader has allowed me to not only serve the people, but my fellow missionaries. I LOVE IT. More responsibility but, maybe its good for me. I don't know.

Anyways. I don't have much more time because there are a whole bunch of missionaries at the church waiting for us to get off the computer so they can email their families as well.

But I would like to share a powerful experience with y'all.

So we found a less active Edward, through Facebook and he invited us over to his house warmly.
(yes we use facebook now............)
When we got there, he was sitting on his couch with his non-member friend Roberta, who he invited as well.
We met with them both.
We had a very good visit with him and it was very spiritual and uplifting visit.

After we left, apparently Roberta started crying for about 30 minutes but she didn't know why she was (after we had left) ... She asked Edward "WHY AM I CRYING? WHAT IS THIS?"
and Edward(less active) testified to her... "that is the spirit".

Edward described it to us that it looked like a woman who stood in the presence of Jesus Christ and did not feel worthy.

Edward then told us, that he knows who we represent and he knows that we brought the spirit of The Savior into her life and that she was feeling like she had found what she needed.

It was a beautiful experience to know that a 20 year old & a 18 year old
(yes I'm serving with Elder Rock, he's 18...) could be representatives of The Lord Jesus Christ.
There is nothing like the mission.

(oh yeah, and we got to decorate a christmas tree with Roberta and Edward! haha so fun! and the 3 other Elders in my apartment surprised me with another birthday cake!!!) 
Elder Castrejon

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