Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

IT'S MARCH ALREADY?!?!?!I hope you all realize that on May 1rst. I will be out for 1 full year.

Anyways, I'll share a cool experience I had this week.
So my new companion Elder Hardy is a NERD. I love him!
He listens to classical music, eats like a pig, has a funny voice, super intelligent when it comes to the gospel and other smart stuff. Hates math though. Super creative. Played trombone for the BYU marching band. Has a problem with contacting people. Makes really sarcastic jokes. And this week he had a dream that he pee'd himself so he woke up and changed his pants, then realized it was just a dream.

This is going to be an awesome transfer. Hahahahahaaha.

Anyways, like I said... Elder Hardy has a hard time talking to people on the fly. So we've made goals to talk to more people. So one day, on the bus home. We sat down in different areas of the bus so we could talk to people and Elder Hardy started to talk to some "big bearded lady" (he described her as) ... and I noticed he was contacting her!!! so I said to myself: "If Elder Hardy is doing it, I gotta do it too!" ... so I look to the person I'm sitting next to and it is a young Chinese man.

FYI: Lately I've been learning how to speak some Mandarin Chinese so that I can contact people and testify.

So I decided to practice my Mandarin. I contacted him in Chinese and set up an appointment with him! (He spoke some fair English as well) He is what you call a golden investigator.
He expressed to me how all his life he has wanted to "follow God" and how he liked previous experiences with going to church. He just moved here for school and needs friends. I'm praying Greg (his name) will get baptized. I just know it!!!
Anyways, that's my short story! :)

this is a picture of Simon. I taught him on splits with the Mandarin Elders and he was baptized 2 weeks ago! This week I did a baptismal interview for an Islam guy named Arzan and his baptism will be this weekend! So excited!

Have a great week!!! 

(oh yeah... I ate pupusas last weeks for the first time on my mission)

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