Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

 I'm going to try to write this email without crying...
(yes, I'm a wimp............................... no)

  Something I didn't realize before my mission but that I always heard throughout my life, has been The Members Prayers for The Missionaries.
There has been nothing more sweet than the true and sincere prayers from the latter day saints of Quebec. Every time we meet with them, they pray... not only do they pray, but they pray specifically for The Missionaries and their families. Before my mission I never really thought about what that truly means to a missionary but now as a missionary, I DO.
  I am truly humbled by the prayers I hear. The responsibility I have to bring people unto repentance is enormous. I mean, how would you feel, if at every meal you have with members, they pray and say: "Bless the missionaries that they may find the people who are ready for the gospel, bless them and their tongues that they might be able to speak and that they may do thy work"

... and then after you might forget and complain about how tired you are, how COLD it is, how things aren't going well... blah blah. I am guilty of that. Its not easy dealing with failure or rejection. AlthoughI have the name of a God on my chest, does not mean I am one. I am still human and this stuff is still hard.
but the comfort and strength that I receive from these people is INFINITE. I love them, and cherish them.

So that brings me to my next point.


Yes, this transfer, The Lord has called me to serve as District Leader in the Dows Lake, Ottawa, Singles Ward. As you know, in the province of Ontario, 90% of the people speak English. So yes, I will be preaching in English. Not even Spanish or French (like I had the blessing of doing in Victoriaville).

I have been in Victoriaville for the past 6 months. I got trained here. I trained here. I had my first baptism here. First temple trip here. Organized a first activity here. Gave my first blessing here. My first nasty dinner on the mission here.

The members love is the reason it is so hard on me. I've never gotten so many gifts in my life. Cologne, comic books, letters, cakes, nesquik chocolate milk. I don't think they are very excited about me leaving them but I know that The Lord needs me in Ottawa now so that's where I will be on Tuesday. The progression never ends... and it was never meant to end. We will keep moving forward until all eternity.

Well, that's my little email this week. Love you all. And take care.
Have a happy thanksgiving (ps. my birthday + Hanuka) 

Elder Castrejon

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