Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Soooo after a 30 minute battle with the slowest computer in the church. I finally have the time to write you all. Yayyyy!
Anything new happen this week? ... hmmmm.
This week we did a lot of back breaking service. We shoveled rocks. THAT WAS FUN.
No really... it was fun because the branch president called us and thanked us so much for finishing the job and he was sooo amazed at the work we did. He was so happy. It was awesome.
We also helped a member move. Lets just say, the love it when the missionaries move all the heavy stuff. Haha.
So we've been kind of sore this week. A lot biking and raining, and just working hard.
To be honest, nothing really out of your ordinary missionary week. There were miracles of course, as there always is. But nothing too huge.
Training as new missionary has definately been an experience thus far. It is so intense have 50% Spanish and 50% French investigators and being expected to be the only one who can speak them because of my new companion. Its very difficult to not leave him out and have him help me with whatever he can do.
My new companion is a great guy. Very hard working and just likes to get up and go. Kind of gets bored easily. Sometimes I have to tell him to hang on to his horses because of the fact that I will be the one speaking for the most part of this transfer. He doesn't have to worry too much about it... but more about surviving and learning the basics of the language. He studies hard, which is super good. I can tell his pride gets hurt by the language but he's hanging in there. Love him with all that I have.
OH! This week we hit ZERO degrees celcius. Thats freezing point over here. I would say things are getting a little chilly around these parts hahaha.
Well, until next time friends and family :)

Elder Castrejon

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