Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

No, I'm not a beast. Yes, the Lord has blessed me and I got lucky. The first was Kareen and this saturday is Alicia (spanish speaker)
Alicia was down for vacation, her daughter is a member. and we are gonna baptize her in 2 weeks of meeting her, and she will be confirmed a member of the lords church on Sunday the 7th before she leaves on the 9th. Crazy miracles yo. She goes on vacation and receives the restored gospel. soooo cool.
um, I got flicked off again this week!!! its amazing to smile and represent christ when they do that. They do not know who they degrade. the big name on our badges... thats who.
anyways, I had back to back SPLITS this week. An elder came from drummondville and I was here in victoriaville with him, my companion trusted me enough to be alone in this area only after 3 weeks. I got to drive too and be the leader. it was sooo odd.
and I went to,
Quebec City, QC. I had some crazy experiences on splits... crazyyy. 
Here in Victo, we were inspired to tract a certain road and found Silva. Oh man, so inspired. He's athiest but we dropped a "bom" &we're gonna come back for "our book" lol, he didn't like the book of mormon idea so much at first but he told us that he prayed for the "truth" when he was 14 and he never got an answer. I testified to him that day, that HIS ANSWER WAS SITTING WRITE IN FRONT OF HIM HOLDING THE BOOK WITH ALL HIS ANSWERS AND THAT WE WERE SORRY THE LORD CHOSE THIS TIME 16 YEARS LATER TO GIVE HIM HIS ANSWER. HE was touched by the spirit and I know it. Poor guy has so much hurt from that experience of not receiving an answer to his prayers at 14... so we'll see.
In quebec we spoke with a non member who wanted a blessing of comfort.
Her life story was the most intense I have ever heard. Religion has only hurt her life, and now she needed a blessing because the sister missionaries invited her to get one from the elders. She is 85 years old and speaks english and french.
basically, the climax of her 1 hour and 20 minute story was that her crazy son has tried to kill her twice to get her home and her will & money. She is rich and he is the heir to what she has. crazy stuff... we took so long listening that we didn't even have time to give her THE BLESSING! we had to leave to another appointment. wish i could write more.... but anywaysss...
every tuesday,
we teach English the people from the community. Non-members! I forgot to tell y'all that I'm teaching ENGLISH!!! the students are all retired people and they are soooo funny!! love them!! we teach in the church of course.
at our baptism, our new mission president (the stake president from Florida in the missionary broadcast) surprised us at our baptism!!! wow, we were soooo nervous. He brought his whole family and we ate with him afterwards. the ward invited him to our next baptism saturday but he can't make it. I hope we made a good first impression hahahahah.
anyways, french is getting a lot easier every day.
loving every day, loving it.

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