Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

ITS-GETTING-CHILLY. (just saying)

You know, I always have these cool "opening the red sea spiritual experiences" but the moment I get in front of the computer, I can't remember them!! Well, let me be random as usual.

Yesterday, we contacted a Muslim. He let us in and fired away. Spirit of contention from the very very start... but of course Elder Castrejon had to learn more about his beliefs and share some of his, so he did.

We were there for about 20 minutes, just having this Muslim "teach us the truth" and telling us Jesus was only a prophet, NOT the son of God-"Mohammed wrote the Koran, Thomas S. Monson is not a prophet, blah blah blah, try to ask me a question I don't have the answer to"
I'd say it was pretty intense. I definitely learned a bunch from that one conversation, very interesting fella. When we left, we were sure he felt content and happy about how he "won" his little battle. It was fun. (all in French of course)


Oh, this week, we decided to take a plate of rice crispies to a potentials house. We had never met the parents before and we wanted to meet the parents of the family there. So we gave them treats and told them we would return to share a message about how families can be together forever and they accepted! OH THE POWER OF TREATS :)

So we have this less active brother, right? And apparently he used to have this really strong testimony and we've been working with his family on helping him return to the gospel of Jesus Christ. But we have never been able to find out the root of his departure from the church... or in another words, "why he left".

but this week something very interesting happened.
We contacted into a man who claimed to be his boyfriend.


Yeah, you can say that again... and we are not even sure his family knows this or if it was a joke or something but now we are soooo lost. Haha... it was rather interesting. Anyways, we offered the man to hear a message about eternal happiness and he denied us... (of course)... but hey, we tried.

What else what else what else...

So our branch president really loves ping pong...? For some reason, and he bought 2 ping pong tables for the branch. So we play with the youth & non-member youth from time to time, and I feel like I have the skills of Forest Gump. Elder Noel and I are unbeatable. (Except for Brother Labbe... brother labbe is thee equivalent to the Olympic China Ping Pong Team)

Oh... this morning we finally had ICE on our windshields.... YESSSSS.
Snow should come in the next couple days. YUP, and we ARE NOT READY-AT-ALL.

As for our investigators...
We are teaching a Spanish family of 3 tonight and we hope to commit them to a baptismal date. Pretty exciting!!!
There is nothing like the joy we missionaries get from seeing someone grow to know the gospel is restored on the earth today!

Until next time,

Elder Castrejon

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