Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

 Sooooooooo... looks like I'm spending 6 months in Victoriaville!! I'm staying with my greenie for another transfer. Its all good because I love it here and I could literally serve for longer in this area.
  After a very spiritually uplifting week, Elder Noel and I put our shoulder to the wheel and started applying what we learned at zone training, and during general conference. We have been working twice as hard as before and we are starting to contact door to door a lot more. I'm not too fond of doing door to door because its not very effective but with the extra time we do have, we go out and search for those who are prepared to hear the gospel.
  I went to the Island of Montreal the last P-day with our senior couple "The Petersons" ... I bought a side bag at Aldo's and got some sweet grey & blue pants at H&M. Since thee missionary wardrobe changed, I thought I would get some stuff before the winter. (and we cant wear backpacks anymore)...
  The Island of Montreal is the equivalent to New York City. Huge Buildings, Crazy people running around, jam packed, payed parking, whole bunch of stores, 5347854 languages, and whatever else you can think of. The Island of Montreal has it. I can't wait to serve there and take the buses and underground metros.
  And actually that day in Montreal, my companion & I just walked out of an H&M and a African man came up to us and said: "Elders!! Elders!! blah blah blah blah blah..." (he was speaking so fast we couldn't understand his french or English....almost everyone in Montreal is bilingual) but we ended up giving him our number and apparently he was an investigator of some other missionaries in the area. Its just cool to think that people "know the Elders" ... love that. HEY! ITS THE ELDERS!

  I would lie to you if I told you my testimony was not strengthened every single day that I am out here. Every single day I see the hand of the Lord working in his divine work. I see miracles. I truly see miracles out here, and it is amazing.

  I am so happy to be in the service of a loving heavenly father and I am so happy I help people understand that he has a plan for them.

  Well, looks like I'll be spending my birthday in Victoriaville! Halloween as well! OH AND TODAY IS Canada Thanksgiving! (its not great though...)

Elder Castrejon

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