Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10 (earlier), 2013

I AM SO PUMPED. I leave tomorrow morning, and I am so ready to proclaim my testimony to this foreign world.
I have only heard good things about Montreal from teachers here that have served there!
"The field is so white!"
"The people are so ready"
"The French is not French, its Quebequa" (quebequa is a form of french they speak in Canada, its like really crazy and jumpy. A totally different dialect, and all I know is FRENCH FRENCH) I'm so stoked to just be blown away by the culture there.
They told me that one time, a elder there wrote down all the people from different countries he met in that area for the time he was there before a transfer, and he said,
he met 40 some people from different places around the world and wrote them all down.
I AM SO EXCITED, and the 3 other members in my district always tell me I'm the most efficient in the language, but I feel like I suck still.
I can't to see whats first, Spanish or French.

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